Resist: Week Apr. 23rd

Talking Points, Apr. 23rd

Will you pledge to schedule a meeting, in the next month, with climate scientists from NOAA and the AAAS so they can educate you and your staff about the science of climate change? Will you record the meeting and put it on your website so others can learn as well? If not, why?

E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, April 13, 2017

Message to Barr: Country Trumps Party!

Perfect weather and frequent honks of solidarity from passersby provided a festive backdrop to Indivisible Bluegrass’s “Country Trumps Party” rally in downtown Lexington on April 12. The rally, protesting Rep. Andy Barr’s 100 percent support of the Trump Agenda, took place in Triangle Park while the Congressman spoke at a Commerce Lexington luncheon at the nearby Hyatt Regency.

E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, Mar. 30, 2017

Empty Suits Town Hall

It was a pleasure to walk into the Kentucky Theater on Saturday, March 18, and see our members of Congress onstage, suited-up and waiting for our input (well, at least the suits were there). For an hour and a half, they listened quietly as some 150 constituents raised issues of election reform, islamophobia and anti-semitism, the environment, the Affordable Care Act, LGBTQ rights, science, religion and other topics of concern.

Resist: Week April 2nd

Talking Points, Apr. 2nd

Russian Influence on Trump Enterprises and Taxes – Synopsis – Trump currently has over 200 businesses registered in Russia. Eric Trump has publicly admitted to significant business dealings in Russia.

Resist: Week Mar. 26th

Talking Points, Mar. 26th

EPA Deregulation, Climate Change and Scott PruittSynopsis – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2014 produced, by reviewing 30,000 scientific documents, by 800 scientists from 80 countries, the most definitive scientific declaration to date that the climate change we are experiencing is man-made.

Resist: week Mar. 19th

Talking Points, Mar. 19th

ACA Repeal and Replace with American Health Care Act Synopsis: The repeal of the ACA will cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans as it increases the health care cost burden for poor and middle class. While some aspects of the ACA will remain in place, key elements such as mandatory penalties for not purchasing health insurance, taxes on device manufactures, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and employers would all end, as would the expanded Medicare tax on wealthier Americans.

E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, March 16, 2017

Protest to Support Healthcare this Friday!

As we see our health care in danger of being ravaged, Indivisible Bluegrass is organizing a protest march in front of Central Baptist Hospital on Friday, March 17th, between 4 – 6 PM. We think St. Patrick would approve. As you know, Central Baptist is located on Nicholasville Road, one of the busiest thoroughfares in our city.

Resist: Week Mar. 12th

Talking Points: Mar. 12th

Affordable Care Act – Demand transparency for the new Trumpcare bill which was revealed only 40 hours before it was to be voted on in committee. Since people lives and health are at stake, we want the same deliberation and transparency for this bill or

E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, March 3, 2017

Our story starts with a Lexington book club. Like the majority of Americans, none of the 15 club members had voted for Donald Trump, and they were angry and frustrated that someone who had expressed such animosity to the disabled, the poor, immigrants and others had been elected President of our nation.

Talking Points: March 5th

Immigration – We need new immigration laws immediately. These need to lay out exactly what rights all immigrants have and who will be allowed in and who will be deported. This should include a pathway to legal status of some sort and should be based on facts and data but should also be compassionate.