Here are six ways you can be involved with BlueGrass Activist Alliance:

1. Attend Events.

We organize rallies, marches and other events to let our voices be heard. The more members we have at these events, the more powerful our collective voice. Sign up for our emails and newsletters, check out our Resistance Alerts, and visit our Events page.

2. Call and write to our members of Congress.

Rallies and protests get the media attention, but phone calls, letters and emails to our local members of Congress are even more powerful resistance tools. Powerful because our representatives are required to keep a record of each and every contact they receive from constituents. These contacts are counted and considered when decisions are being made. Sign up for our emails and newsletters, join our Facebook closed group page, and refer to our weekly Talking Points.

3. Visit our members of Congress.

Making regular visits to our members of Congress is a key strategy in the national Indivisible guide. Topics are determined by the national Indivisible office, and our discussion is based on synopses and questions provided by our Research Committee. We make our points with conviction, but we are always courteous and respectful.

4. Track our members of Congress.

Like diligent detectives, our Congress Watch Committee closely monitors the words, actions and whereabouts of our representatives in Washington. After scrutinizing their websites, Twitter accounts and press coverage, it then passes on relevant information to our other committees, especially the research team.

5. Research the Issues.

With Trump in the White House, there is too much happening too fast for anyone to stay abreast of it all. Fortunately, our crack17-member Research Committee prepares synopses and key questions on the top issues. Their work is used extensively by our members and posted on our website.

6. Reach out into the community.

If you like to talk and meet new people, our Outreach Team would love to hear from you. We need people to help us recruit members by describing the goals, scope and activities of Indivisible Bluegrass to individuals and groups. We also seek people to serve as liaisons with other local organizations with similar goals and to explore ways to collaborate on projects and events.