Ways to Get Involved

Here are ways you can be involved with BlueGrass Activist Alliance:

1. Join Us.

Sign up with us. When you join BlueGrass Activist Alliance, you can opt into our regular emails and volunteer opportunities. You also can join our private Facebook group. Membership does not cost anything, and you are not obligated to do anything.

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2. Attend Events.

We organize virtual events, in-person events, rallies, marches, and other actions to inform our members and to let our voices be heard. Visit our Events page to see a list of upcoming events.

3. Call and write.

Rallies and protests get the media attention, but phone calls, letters, and emails to your legislators are even more powerful tools. Powerful because our representatives are required to keep a record of each and every contact they receive from constituents. These contacts are counted and considered when decisions are being made. National Indivisible provides guidance on talking points for national-level issues.

4. Open a Dialogue with Your Neighbors.

We live in polarized times, but it is more important than ever to keep a dialogue open with your neighbors. Reaching out into your community and having the hard conversations about issues can help further progressive causes. These dialogues can be one-on-one or as simple as a letter to the editor. Giving voice to progressive values matters and can make a real impact.

5. Support Fellow Progressives.

Living as a progressive in a conservative state, particularly in a rural area, can feel lonely, but when you reach out into the larger community, you realize you are not alone. We recommend that you identify causes and candidates that reflect your values and offer your time and effort to help. You can connect with our members in our private Facebook group. Visit our public Facebook page and send us a message to join.

6. Volunteer.

Giving your time to progressive causes can bring change. Whether you prefer writing postcards, text banking, phone banking, or organizing events, there is an action that will fit your availability, interests, and abilities.

7. Donate to BGAA.

BlueGrass Activist Alliance is a grassroots organization. Donations helps us cover administrative costs, organizational staffing, and event expenses.

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