Talking Points: Oct. 30th

Healthcare and Tax Reform – They are the Same Fight

National Call Your MoC Day is Thursday, Nov. 2

The Trump Tax Reform Package will be introduced Wednesday. Here are three ways it is like the Republican healthcare bill. To see even more ways, go here.

  1. It gives big tax breaks to the wealthy
  2. It cuts Medicaid drastically.
  3. Just like we did with Trumpcare, we can defeat this terrible plan.

This Thursday, November 2, join hundreds of thousands of other Indivisibles from across the country to call your MoCs and tell them you want a real tax reform plan, not one that gives to the rich and takes from the poor. If they tell you it will “trickle down” tell them we have been waiting by the faucet since the Reagan years and it hasn’t yet,

Andy Barr: 202 225-4706
Mitch McConnell: 202 224-2541
Rand Paul: 202 224-4343

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