Talking Points: Nov. 12th

Wondering How the Tax Scam Will Affect You? It is Not a Pretty Picture.


There are so many things wrong with Trump’s tax plan. Let’s put aside for the moment the fact there are massive giveaways to the wealthiest and corporations. Let’s look instead at what the Republicans are proposing that will hurt you and yours. While it reduces the number of brackets and lowers rates on most of those, it also eliminates lots of deductions. So it is a classic bait and switch. Here are some of the deductions it cuts

  1. The medical expenses deduction
  2. The student loan interest deduction
  3. The state and local tax deduction
  4. The home mortgage interest deduction

In fact, if you are a teacher, student, homeowner, state or local tax payer, veteran, immigrant, senior citizen, patient, a hurricane or flood victim or if you give to charity, this affects you and the effects are not good! Go to the National Indivisible website on tax reform to see the specifics on how you will be affected.

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