Talking Points: May 14th

1. Has Trump finally gone too far with the firing of Comey? Do our Senators even care what Trump does? Tell them how angry you are about this affront to our democratic ideals.

Call Rand Paul at 270 782-8303 or Mitch McConnell at 859 224-8286 and say this:

“It is time to find out about any improper connections between Mr. Trump, his associates and the Russians. Will you appoint an Independent Counsel to finally get to the bottom of this so the country can move on? ”

2. On the same day he voted in favor of the disastrous AHCA (Trump Care), Andy Barr quietly moved a piece of legislation known as the Financial Choice Act forward in the House. This act would repeal numerous laws and structures put in place after the 2008 crash to protect consumers from predatory lending, exorbitant debit card rates and much more. If you value your investments and the rights of the 99%, go here to learn more.

Call Barr at 859 219-1366 and say this:

“The Financial Choice Act would return Wall Street to the power it had before the 2008 financial crisis. Will you oppose any bill that dismantles the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?”

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