Talking Points, Mar. 5, 2018

Still no gun legislation so we are showing up on Saturday, March 24, 2018 to support the national students’ “March For Our Lives” (see below for details)

From the Swamp…

Here are their numbers

Barr: 202 225-4706
McConnell: 202 224-2541
Paul: 202 224-4343

Here is what to say

While states and cities begin to look seriously at common sense gun laws, Congress does worse than nothing. The Senate is actually considering the Conceal Carry Reciprocity Act which would require that all states recognize the conceal carry laws of all other states. This would take the entire country to the lowest (and we do mean lowest) common denominator on gun laws. The House has already passed this, with Barr voting enthusiastically for it. Call Paul and McConnell and tell them to get with the rest of the country and use some common sense. The lives of children are more important that their re-election campaigns. Meanwhile tell Barr that you know he voted for this (and for a bill to reduce the restrictions on the ability of the mentally ill to get guns) and you are not going to stand for it.

From the Other Swamp…

Call the Kentucky legislative hotline at 800 372-7181 and tell them the budget is still not fair and just. We need new revenue sources. Click here to see the Louisville Courier Journal’s analysis of the budget.

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