Talking Points: Mar. 25, 2018

Our MoCs are home this week…

They are taking a recess to schmooze with their donors and the far-right folks who continue to support them. They need to hear from us too! Call to let them know that you want stricter gun control laws and that you object to the appointment of the warmonger John Bolton as Trump’s new national security advisor. Their local numbers are:

Rep. Andy Barr: 859 219-1366
Sen. Mitch McConnell: 859 224-8286
Sen. Rand Paul: 270 782-8303

Meanwhile in Frankfort…

The General Assembly is getting ready to go home having done almost nothing positive for three months. We need to tell our legislators that we want see new revenue sources to fund our teachers, colleges, health care plans and the many other programs that are about to go under as Gov. Bevin shoots cannon balls at the state budget. Go to the Find Your Legislator website for contact information on your state representatives.

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