Talking Points: Mar. 19, 2018

Act Locally for Our Miners and Teachers

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to the monthly members’ meeting yesterday. It was a great turnout and you could feel the room vibrating with energy and purpose.

One of the things our national Indivisible rep, Whitney Roberts, told us at the meeting yesterday was that we need to focus on local issues. In that spirit, call your MoC this week and tell them to vote for the “Reclaim Act”. This should be a no brainer for any Kentucky Congressperson because this act would use unspent monies from the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund to boost the economies of coal counties. KFTC actually went to D.C. to lobby for it. Click here to learn more and then call.

Barr: 202 225-4706
McConnell: 202 224-2541
Paul: 202 224-4343

StatesideJust 7 more days in the Kentucky General Assembly session. Call the hotline at 800 372 -7181 about these bills.

HB 200- Oppose. The budget bill. Troubling language with reference to retiree health insurance costs and drastic cuts to universities and special programs. Tell them we need new sources of revenue. Call early. This vote is tomorrow!

SB 1- Oppose. This is the pension bill that still doesn’t fully fund pensions for teachers and state workers. Bevin has said that teachers are “selfish” to want the state to fund their pensions. Tell him he is selfish for not supporting our teachers!

HB 406- Support. Provides financial relief to counties by stretching out CERS pension payments.

SB 66 – A bill with gray areas but a must read if you are somehow involved in the Kentucky state employees pension plans. Click here to read it.

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