Talking Points: Jan. 7th

Tell Congress and the Kentucky General Assembly 2018 is our year!

We are fired up! Across the country, progressives are planning to unseat those trying to dismantle our democracy. Call your MoCs here and say this. “We are very unhappy with this Trump agenda to dismantle our most important social safety nets, while giving to the very rich.” In 2018 we want to see bipartisan action on DACA, infrastructure repair, protection of our elections and many other issues. We are fired up and ready to vote.”

Call the Kentucky legislative hotline (1-800-372-7181) and say this,” First, Jeff Hoover must be unseated until he can be investigated for sexual harassment. Second, I want the pension issue solved by finding more revenue, not by gambling with people’s hard earned savings. Finally I want an open and transparent process as the laws are made. I am fired up and watching every vote.

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