Talking Points, Jan. 28, 2018

Focus on Mitch! Tell Him to Keep his Promise!

Imagine if everyone on this list, 1023 of you, called Mitch McConnell this week and told him to keep his promise. Here is what to say.

Democrats voted with Republicans to reopen government on the basis of a promise by our own Mitch McConnell to hold an open, transparent debate on DACA and to go through the regular committee process to do so. Meanwhile, Trump has changed direction yet again to demand billions for the wall and lots of other nasty concessions on immigration.

So this week we are going to focus all our attention on our very own senior Senator and tell him we are watching him with bated breath to see if he keeps his promise. His Lexington number is 859 224-8286 or call him in DC at 202 224-2521.

Extra credit! Be sure NOT to watch the State of Union address Tuesday, both for the good of your blood pressure and to give Big Orange low ratings. But read what he said the next day and then let all our other MoCs know what you think about it. Click here for all the contact info.

Bevin’s Baleful Budget

On the Kentucky front, the general assembly is still ruminating on Bevin’s Baleful Budget. Call the legislative hotline at 800 372-7181 and leave a message for your representatives. Tell them we need new revenue sources that fund pensions, healthcare and education. Say no to privatizing public education.

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