Talking Points, Feb. 18, 2018

Don’t let them beat you down.Yell and scream about guns, immigration and so much more.

Turn Your Outrage Into Action!

Congress is in recess this week. That means McConnell, Paul and Barr will be here in Kentucky meeting with all the people who agree with them and make big donations. Let them all know there is another viewpoint.

Republicans assault our values every day with immigration laws that hurt Dreamers and families, with their constant drumbeat of no gun control despite the horror that we all experience nearly every week. And then there is Trump. They are hoping that with everything going on D.C., we will opt out and quit resisting. But it’s up to us not to let cynicism creep in and take over. We have to take our anger, sorrow, and outrage and turn it to action… just like we did in the weeks and months after the election.

So while they are in Kentucky, let them hear from you. Tell them what compassion means and how an ethical government works to protect ALL its citizens on gun control, on immigration, on decency in the White House and so many other things.

Here are their local numbers

Barr: 859 219-1366
Paul: 270 782-8303
McConnell: 859 224-8286

Meanwhile the Kentucky General Assembly is up to lots of mischief. Be the adult in the room and tell them to stop.

Call the LRC hotline this week at 1-800-372-7181 about these issues.

Vote No on HB 2. This bill changes the workman’s comp laws to make it much harder for folks to get and keep workman’s comp when they are hurt.

Vote No on HB 210. This bill would allow people to carry guns on college campuses and most state owned buildings.

The pension bill is due out of committee this week. Watch our Facebook page or the news to see if it provides new sources of funding for teachers and other state workers. If not, say no.

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