Talking Points: Dec. 17th

You should all be feeling pretty proud of yourselves this week. Not only did a Democrat win the senate seat in Alabama (with the New Yorker magazine giving Indivisible members across the country a lot of credit for that win) but some vital deductions have been reinstated into the tax bill the GOP is about to pass. These are things that you demanded they preserve, including the medical deduction, the deduction for teachers who spend money on their students, and the deduction for interest on student loans. Of course there is still a lot of really bad stuff in the bill, which most likely will come up for a vote Tuesday, but it is important to know that your resistance is making a difference and it will continue to do so.

So, when you contact your MoC this week, tell them you are still not happy and want more taxes on the rich, a better plan to address the debt and, most of all, a strategy to protect the poor and vulnerable with a real safety net.

BTW, when you talk to McConnell’s aide, say you are tired of McConnell using “Senate Rules” shenanigans to get his way. As soon as Doug Jones arrives in Washington from Alabama, he should be seated in the Senate, no matter what is being voted on that day.

Mitch McConnell 202 224-2541
Rand Paul 202 224-4343
Andy Barr 202 225-4706

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