Talking Points: Dec. 3rd

Help Dreamers and Teachers with a Simple Phone Call. Three actions this week. Calls are needed on all three.

  1. Congress: The Senate must pass a continuing resolution spending bill by this Friday to keep the government open. There is nothing in this bill that protects dreamers from being deported. The dreamer act itself runs out in March, 2018. Call and insist that the Senate include provisions in this bill to protect these young people.
  2. Kentucky General Assembly: Bevin is about to call a special session to push through a privatized pension plan. Tell your reps NO Special Session. NO back door deals that create a secret process and isn’t transparent. NO defined contribution plans for current or future public employees. The number is 800 372-7181. You can find the name of your legislator here but you can also just tell the very nice people who answer this hotline that you want your message to go to all legislators.
  3. Congress: The Senate passed their rushed version of the tax scam at 2:00 a.m. Friday morning. When people complained about the closed process, McConnell said, “Only losers complain about the process.” GRRRRR. The losers on this bill are working class and middle income Americans. Tell them to take the Senate and House bill back to reconciliation and make it kinder and more fair.

Andy Barr: 202 225-4706
Mitch McConnell: 202 224-2541
Rand Paul: 202 224-4343

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