Talking Points: Dec. 10th

Fight the tax scam (it’s in conferece committee)! Fight to protect the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP)!

  1. The tax scam is in conference committee now, which means they are trying to find compromises between the House and Senate version of this reverse Robin Hood bill. Call and tell them both versions are unacceptable and you know what they are up to. Go here to see an explanation of this process and here to be reminded of just how bad this tax scam is for you and yours.
  2. In all the tax-maneuvering, healthcare-killing actions the Republicans have been pushing down our throats, perhaps the worst is to end funding for the CHIP program. CHIP stands for Child Health Insurance Program and it is a program that cares for kids who slip through the cracks of the various health plans. Senate Republicans like Orrin Hatch now say we simply do not have enough money to keep kids healthy. Go here to read a NYT article called the “Republican’s War on Children.”

Mitch McConnell: 202 224-2541
Rand Paul: 202 224-4343
Andy Barr: 202 225-4706

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