KY for Decency Rally – T Shirts

The Kentucky Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Dinner has attracted guests who have become infamous for deceit and stagnation. Rather than progressing towards a future that supports the inclusion of all persons, the GOP has spread an agenda of hate and bigotry that cannot be tolerated any longer.

The KY for Decency rally will occur on August 25, 2018 from 5-6:30pm at Triangle Park in downtown Lexington, Kentucky to coincide with the beginning of the annual Lincoln Dinner that will be held at the Hilton.

Mission Statement
This event will be an expression of the values that are important to many Kentuckians, including equity, progress, and perhaps most importantly, decency. Equally, it serves to demonstrate that the duplicity promoted by the leading members of the GOP is unacceptable, and that Kentuckians will demand a standard of decency from their elected (and appointed) officials.

KY for Decency T-shirts are available in adult sizes XS-4XL. All shirts are $10 with proceeds supporting the cost of the event. Shirts will be available for pickup prior to the event as well as at the event. Quantities are limited to 100 shirts in various sizes.