Resistance Report: the Newsletter of Indivisible Bluegrass

  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, April 17, 2018 -

    BGAA Gears Up For Action

    The Bluegrass Activist Alliance is changing gears. Alerts you get from us in the coming weeks are less likely to be about contacting a public official on a particular issue and more likely to involve getting organized to elect progressives this fall. View Full Newsletter
  • E-newsletter: Resistance Report, Apr. 1, 2018 -

    Indivisible Network Ready to Help in Mid-Terms

    We are not alone. As Bluegrass Activist Alliance members look ahead to an opportunity to elect progressive candidates this fall, it’s important to remember that we will be working with a number of other like-minded local groups. Read More
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, Mar. 15, 2018 -

    Students Demand ‘Common Sense’ Gun Laws

    After a lone gunman killed 17 people last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, Chelsey Morgeson of Lexington was determined to do more than call her legislators about the scourge of gun violence. Read More
  • E-newsletter: Resistance Report, Mar. 1, 2018 -

    The Big Blue Wave Needs You!

    Kentucky District 49―a district that Donald Trump carried by a 72-23 margin in 2016―flipped from red to blue last month when Democrat Linda Belcher won a state house seat in a special election. Her win is one of 39 legislative seats that have flipped since Trump's inauguration. Read More
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, Feb. 15, 2018 -

    Let Legislators Hear Your Voice!

    During the current session in Frankfort, our Republican-led legislature is making decisions on the budget, state pension system, tax policies, and other issues that will affect thousands of Kentuckians for years to come. It is crucial that we the people have our say! Read More.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, January 29, 2018 -

    Second Women's March Draws Thousands

    More than two thousand people gathered in Lexington’s Courthouse Plaza on Jan. 20 to mark the one-year anniversary of the 2017 Women’s Marches, one of the greatest mass protests in American history. Read full newsletter.
  • E-newsletter: Resistance Report, January 10th -

    Ways to Engage in 2018

    January is the time for noble resolutions, such as lose weight, spend more time with the kids, be kinder to that irritating co-worker, get active politically …
  • E-newsletter: Resistance Report, December 20th -

    The Bluegrass Activist Alliance is Born

    Some of the people gathered in the Unitarian Universalist Church on Sunday, Dec. 10, were members of Indivisible Bluegrass. Some were members of Together We Will Bluegrass. Some were members of both.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, December 1, 2017 -

    Resisters Rally to Protest Trump's Tax Scam

    More than one hundred resisters rallied at the Fayette County Courthouse on Wednesday, Nov. 29, to protest the proposed Trump Tax Scam.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, November 9, 2017 -

    Indivisible, Together We Will Unite

    The leadership of Indivisible Bluegrass and Together We Will (TWW) Bluegrass has combined into one powerful organization. The announcement was made to members on Sunday during a live stream via Facebook.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, October 24, 2017 -

    Listening Tour

    How are we doing? Just fine, and thanks for asking. Oh, we have a few problems, including fatigue. You expect that when constantly butting up against a powerful federal administration with a dangerous and erratic agenda. But we are strong—6,000 local groups from coast to coast.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, October 10, 2017 -

    Time for Tax Reform is NOW

    Three speakers called for tax reform as the way to solve the state’s pension crisis at a joint meeting of Indivisible Bluegrass and Together We Will Bluegrass on Sunday, Oct. 8 at the downtown Lexington Library. About 75 people attended.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, September 25, 2017 -

    Organizer Tells Chapters To Keep The Faith

    As constituents of two of Washington’s most high-profile Republican senators, Kentuckians enjoy a unique opportunity to impact national politics through the power of our vote. And in the world of politics, elected officials ignore their constituents at their own peril.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, July 13, 2017 -

    Harry Neack and Resistance Summer

    In May, the National Democratic Party launched Resistance Summer, essentially a return to a ’50-state solution’ to build local and state party ranks. Their first major action would be to sponsor a national training summit in Washington, DC; and the Kentucky Democratic Party recruited our Harry Neack to attend the summit, from which he has recently returned.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, May 11, 2017 -

    Hundreds protest Barr's support of AHCA

    Some two hundred demonstrators on Tuesday evening gathered outside the University of Kentucky Hilary J. Boone Center while Barr spoke inside at a private meeting of the Lexington Medical Society.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, April 27, 2017 -

    Raucous Group Greets Barr

    U.S. Rep. Andy Barr was greeted with a firestorm of red “Disagree” signs and deafening boos in Lexington on Monday, April 24, during a packed town hall in Lafayette High School’s 600-seat auditorium.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, April 13, 2017 -

    Message to Barr: Country Trumps Party!

    Perfect weather and frequent honks of solidarity from passersby provided a festive backdrop to Indivisible Bluegrass’s “Country Trumps Party” rally in downtown Lexington on April 12. The rally, protesting Rep. Andy Barr’s 100 percent support of the Trump Agenda, took place in Triangle Park while the Congressman spoke at a Commerce Lexington luncheon at the nearby Hyatt Regency.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, Mar. 30, 2017 -

    Empty Suits Town Hall

    It was a pleasure to walk into the Kentucky Theater on Saturday, March 18, and see our members of Congress onstage, suited-up and waiting for our input (well, at least the suits were there). For an hour and a half, they listened quietly as some 150 constituents raised issues of election reform, islamophobia and anti-semitism, the environment, the Affordable Care Act, LGBTQ rights, science, religion and other topics of concern.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, March 16, 2017 -

    Protest to Support Healthcare this Friday!

    As we see our health care in danger of being ravaged, Indivisible Bluegrass is organizing a protest march in front of Central Baptist Hospital on Friday, March 17th, between 4 - 6 PM. We think St. Patrick would approve. As you know, Central Baptist is located on Nicholasville Road, one of the busiest thoroughfares in our city.
  • E-Newsletter: Resistance Report, March 3, 2017 - Our story starts with a Lexington book club. Like the majority of Americans, none of the 15 club members had voted for Donald Trump, and they were angry and frustrated that someone who had expressed such animosity to the disabled, the poor, immigrants and others had been elected President of our nation.