Vote Them Out!

Last week we told you about the BGAA plan for helping progressive candidates in the elections. This week, we begin the sign ups. Signing up is easy and it does not mean you are obligated. It just means that over the next six months we will ask you to help progressive candidates in the sixth district. You can always turn us down, but we hope you won’t. While Barr and other conservative candidates will likely pay people to canvass, make calls, etc., we must rely on volunteers.

So if you care about voting the conservatives out, we need you to step up at least a few times. Click here and choose signup for any of the actions listed.

Don’t worry, we will train you and give you things to say and materials to hand out. You can do much of this from home. We also hope to make it fun, so watch for our Andy Barr retirement party, BGAA cookouts, and lots of other ways we can enjoy ourselves while we flip the sixth.

Undecided? Read on:

Reasons not to sign up to help in the election:

  • I’m too busy.
  • I don’t like to talk to strangers.
  • I’m too stressed.
  • Somebody else will do it.

Reasons to sign up to help in the election:

  • Everyone deserves health care.
  • Our teachers and our kids are not profit centers.
  • We must preserve our air, land and water.
  • Consumers need protection.
  • We must fight dark money in politics.
  • The industrial prison system is still locking up our young people and profiting from it.
  • We must defend the civil rights of everyone.
  • Voter suppression must not be allowed.
  • Decency and honesty in public life are worth fighting for.

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