Action: Contact Barr & Paul about ACA

During this recess week, Representative Andy Barr is gathering complaints from constituents about their experiences about the Affordable Care Act. He is focusing on individuals and businesses. We need to let him know about our experiences with the ACA and how the ACA helps Kentucky as a whole. Also, Senator Rand Paul’s ACA replacement plan appears to be gaining favor. Please review the outline of his plan and let him know how you feel about it. The sixth Congressional district has 51% more people insured than before the ACA. Call, write, or email them and let your voice be heard!

Here is the contact information for our Members of Congress.

2 thoughts on “Action: Contact Barr & Paul about ACA

  1. Lewis Gardner Reply

    As you craft your ACA thoughts and responses it can be very handy to refer to Paul Krugman’s work. He has done a very fine job of detailing the origins and overall outlines of the healthcare debate. Here are some links:
    Yesterday’s meeting with Rep Barr was full of alternative facts, especially on financial matters. Krugman is always a good source to demystify most of the smoke and mirrors the GOP is so fond of.
    While I’m at it I encourage everyone to subscribe to your local paper. All news is local and free does not cover it adequately. Beyond that subscribing to at least the digital editions of the NYT and/or WP are a good idea. Remember the Washington Post has experience in bringing down a rogue POTUS.

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